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New Kids Wet Play Area at Poly

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever seen on Disney World vacations is to stay at the Polynesian if possible.  This has been the suggestion from YourFirstVisit since that site first started.  This is the best resort for those with strollers, as both the Magic Kingdom and Epcot are easily accessible by monorail. Staying at the Polynesian for the first time a few years ago really changed my husband’s thoughts on Disney vacations and is directly responsible for our Annual Passes. Some of the most recent updates at the Poly, as the Polynesian is widely known, make this an even better resort for kids.  My favorite is the new kids water play area by the main volcano pool.

These little guys guard the new kids wet play area.  Don’t they look like fun?


There are bridges, slides and splashing water everywhere.


Multiple slides  even the smallest kids options to have fun crashing down into the water.


While underneath, a little splash area or wading pool gives one more fun choice for play.


And when the kids tire of this play area, there is the whole new volcano pool to explore!

This new area is just one more reason why we enjoy staying at the Poly over and over and…

Here’s hoping we see you there one day soon!



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