Camping Disney

Enjoy this complimentary excerpt from Camping Disney, the Field Guide to Fort Wilderness,  posted especially for blog readers! Posting links back to this page is fine.  In order to allow me to keep these sneak peeks posted for all blog readers, I ask that you do not copy or post any of this copyrighted work.  Thanks! – Amy 

Camping Disney, the Field Guide to Fort Wilderness, gives readers a chance to experience a treasure at Walt Disney World.  The book is written for those who love the campground, those curious about the campground and those looking for the best way to experience the campground.

Would you like to know how to rent an RV for a “glamping” experience at Walt Disney?  It’s in the book. How about the longest running dinner show in America?  Yes, that’s there too!  Would a Segway tour in the woods in a Magic Kingdom area resort interest you?  You can bet I will cover that.  Want to know the single thing that may make the biggest difference in how much fun you have at the Fort, whether for a day trip or a month at the campground?  Okay, I’ll just come out and say it: golf cart.

As a special thank you for blog readers, I will post little excepts from every chapter in the book PLUS photos from those trips.  Because sometimes a picture really is worth 1,000 words.  Enjoy!


Chapter 1: What’s Where at Fort Wilderness?

Chapter 2: Pitching a Tent

Chapter 3: Little House in the Campground

Chapter 4: A Mobile Home at Disney World

Chapter 5: Day Tripping Fort Wilderness

Chapter 6: Backwoods Trail on a Solo Trip

Chapter 7: Fort Wilderness Holidays

Chapter 8: Fort Wilderness History

Chapter 9: Fort Wilderness and the Future