Building Awesome Vacations

Updated October 2019:

The new book is now available on Amazon!  Check it out at Building Awesome Vacations 


Book Three is tentatively titled Building Awesome Vacations.  It is a significant change from the first two books, as we leave Walt Disney World to go explore a new theme park. Building Awesome Vacations is all about Legoland!

The most likely publication date at this point is sometime late summer or early fall of 2016. I am working on it between other projects and real life responsibilities.  Here, I will post snippets and excerpts, some of which may well be cut before the final editing process, for those who might like watching the process of a book being written.

With all that said, here are the opening paragraphs for the next book:


Introduction: Building Awesome Vacations

“Everything is Awesome!” Once we watched the Lego Movie, it was impossible to get this song out of my head.  My five year old sang it.  My husband hummed it.  I even found myself singing along while sitting on the floor building with Legos with my daughter.  If there is a small child in your house, I am willing to bet you know this song. I bet you have also played with Legos. Why? Because Legos really are awesome.

Our family may go overboard on the Lego enthusisum. There are more than a dozen storage boxes of Legos, Duplos and other specialty brick systems in our home.  My daughter takes her Lego creations to school to show her friends. My husband asks for Legos for all his holiday and birthday gifts.  It’s fair to say I am living with a couple of serious Lego fans.

Legoland seems like an obvious vacation destination for us.  We live a few hours away in Savannah and travel to Orlando frequently for vacations. The thought of going to Legoland intrigued me for years. Yet I resisted actually booking a trip to check it out.  I thought it was going to be a tiny little park we would finish in a few hours.  And, well, to be blunt, I thought there was no possible way that Legoland would compare well to Walt Disney World.

After three years of putting off a trip to Legoland, I finally decided my husband might be right.  We should give it a try.  One lovely morning in December 2015 we made our first visit to Legoland Florida. I was wrong about Legoland.  It is much more than a couple hours and done theme park.  There is an interesting history, nice variety of rides for kids and the beginnings of great attractions for the different Lego brands in the park.  My sense is that Legoland is just starting to come into its own.

The parent company, Merlin Entertainment, is pouring some serious money into this park.  That attention shows.  While Legoland is going to be playing catch up to other Orlando area theme parks, it is different enough to stand out as a great compliment to other experiences. The park is growing, which I see as a good sign.  Since that first morning we have gone back for several visits, finding new or different things to do on each trip in addition to revisiting favorites.

Legoland is not Universal Studios or Walt Disney World.  Legoland can be experienced over a weekend trip with a good plan.  This is good.  The simplicity of Legoland is part of what we enjoy about visiting this park. Legoland is easy.  There is plenty to do, so no worries about getting bored in a small park.  However, having a smaller set of choices reduces or eliminates the need to plan meals, rides and other attractions months in advance to get the best experience.

In fact, you could easily walk into Legoland with nothing but this book and have a blast hitting the best of what the park has to offer.  There is no need to book a place to stay a year in advance.  No need to book meals at 180 days.  No need to stay up till midnight 60 days prior to the trip to try to get the best Fast Pass.  That’s right, it is EASY to build an awesome vacation at Legoland Florida. Let’s all take a collective sigh of relief. As a bonus, for those accustomed to Disney prices, not only is Legoland easy to plan and experience, it is relatively easy on the wallet.