Critics Corner

Welcome to the Critics Corner!  Yes, everyone is a critic these day.  I certainly am.  I both post and avidly read reviews on Amazon for everything from crayons to tents.  Those reviews are helpful.  However, it is also useful to get a professional review on occasion.  Here is a link to the review Chuck Schmidt did on A Year of Disney.  Clicking the title will take you directly to his blog.  I  copied the photo he chose with the first paragraph of the review below.

‘A Year of Disney’: A diary, tips compendium and planning guide rolled into one great book

By Chuck Schmidt |


There have been hundreds of books written about the far-reaching world of Disney. With that said, imagine trying to come up with a Disney-related topic that’s new, different and interesting … and then writing a book about it.

To view the the rest of the article, please visit the blog Goofy About Disney.