Disney Top Ten Tips

Top Ten Disney World Tips

Oh my… there’s so much it can seem overwhelming for the first trip. That’s partly why I wrote a book on everything we learned for our first trip and then a dozen trips afterwards. Off the top of my head, here are some thoughts on tips for a first trip. This Top Ten list is from a comment I posted when this question was asked on a Facebook group.

10) Decide ahead of time how to deal with toys and other impulse buys while on vacation.

9) Bringing our own bottled water and snacks in the park saves money and gives healthier choices. Little packets of peanut butter are amazingly helpful (spread on apples, crackers, etc or add to bread with jelly and so on).

8) Kids love to swim. Plan time for pool time.  


7) Take a change of clothes for the kids on park days – they will get wet, dirty or something. Take them in a ziploc bag. You’ll use that ziploc bag over and over for so many things.

6) Take a stroller. Even big kids (5, 6, 7) are going to want a break from walking and/or a private place to retreat.

5) Stay on property. We have had great trips on property and off property, but for a first trip on property is best. I’ll echo the advice of one of my favorite Disney fan websites here.  For your first trip, stay at the Polynesian if that fits your budget.  If not, stay at the Art of Animation or Pop Century. 


4) Hydrate and rest. The importance of the nap cannot be overstated.

3) Bring a blanket or towel in the parks. It’s a way to hold a spot for a parade, make padding for hard seats, create a privacy screen for a stroller, etc.


2) Make a plan.  And then, plan to do less. Odds are, if you have made it to this website, you are a planner like me. We all plan to do so much on the first trip. Just leave the plan flexible enough that skipping some items every day is okay.

1) Make memories and record them. Cell phone pics or vids, camera, photopass plus – – however you choose, keep those memories alive!

That’s the top ten off the top of my head. Have a magical trip!!

What are some of your best tips for a first Disney World vacation?

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