A Year of Disney, the book

A Year of Disney is now available in kindle and print editions on Amazon. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit Walt Disney World every month of the year?  One wonderful year, I was able to do just that! Come join the fun as we explore some of the many ways to enjoy vacations at Disney through the seasons, from an unexpected chill of a January weekend through the heat of a Florida summer and to the thrill of the holidays at Disney World.  Check out the pro’s and con’s of staying at Disney hotels and off property.  Learn about saving money and time, but most of all….learn about having more fun while on vacation at Disney!

And if you enjoy the snippets from this website, don’t forget to check out the book!  A friend challenged me late in 2014 to write up all of our adventures and see if it could get published.  Thanks to ThemeParkPress, that dream became a reality in May of 2015.


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