Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Black Spire Outpost is little slice of long, long ago and far, far away. While we avoided the opening day hoopla, it has been fun to spend time in Galaxy’s Edge, especially now in the post-reopening lower crowd era in Hollywood Studios. We enjoy both the rides. Both my husband and child believe piloting the Millennium Falcon is more fun than Rise of the Resistance, so we will have to agree to disagree on that. Talking with the characters, even now that they are socially distanced, is like walking onto a set or into a live action film.

As expected, the theming is detailed and runs just about everywhere fans can go, even the bathroom. The spires that frame and contain the land are fossilized trees, according to the Cast Member who taught us a bit about the land on our first visit. It’s a rough life out on the Outpost, which is reflected in some of the ships not quite being in tiptop shape.

There are several food options in Galaxy’s Edge. The first we tried was the milk stand. We went for the classic original movie Blue Milk. It….was not exactly something we felt worth repeating often. I enjoyed the Green Milk more as an occasional treat. It’s more about being in Star Wars land, drinking the same goo the Luke did than anything else. Docking Bay 7 is the counter service option. This is slightly more exotic than hot dogs or burgers, with pot roast, port ribs and plant-based meatballs making up most of the menu. Ronto Roasters is the place to go in Galaxy’s Edge for breakfast. Eggs, sausage and cheese in pita bread is hard to beat. There are also healthier options, but somehow those never seem to end up on my plate on vacation. Just remember that until things changes, ordering food at quick service requires using the Disney app. Kat Saka’s Kettle and Olga’s Cantina are on our list to try on a future trip.

I try to keep my family out of the shops in Galaxy’s Edge. We could go a little nuts on the lightsabers and droids, not to mention tee shirts, toys and souvenirs.

Still, the main attraction for us is always be the rides. These are among the very best rides I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. Only Flight of Passage – or maybe Soarin’, if I want a really chill ride – comes close.

Here is our first Millennium Falcon piloting experience. My daughter is still annoyed that I opted to film it instead of concentrating on my job as the gunner. 🙂

Rise of the Resistance is the single hardest ride to do in all the parks due to high interest, limited capacity and a virtual queue. Available spots tend to go in seconds when they open up for booking twice a day. My favorite part of the ride by far is the trackless jaunt. I won’t give the whole attraction away, as it has some fun surprises. But here’s my favorite part!

Have you been to Galaxy’s Edge? If so, please leave a comment on your favorite tip or memory! Haven’t been yet? Talk to me about what you want to try when you go!

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