Why I Love Disney World

This is a draft from 2016 I never quite got around to published.  You know, while the parks are bit different in the post-pandemic reopening, these top ten still apply!


Today was supposed to be my first day in a Six Flags park.  I’m in Texas for a work trip and tacked on a day to check out the original Six Flags park today.  However, I failed to plan adequately.  As it turns out, today is the first day the park is closed for the slow season.  My first thought was I would never be disappointed like this at Disney World.  That’s a big part of the reason why I love Walt Disney World.  Even when things go wrong there – and they do sometimes, because no system that involves people is perfect – it’s still better than a day just about anywhere else.

So, here’s a top-of-my-head Top Ten for the reasons why I love Disney World.  Once your read these, don’t be shy!!  Post some of the reasons you love Disney World in the comments.  Share the love!

10) There’s always something to do at Disney World.

After close to 50 trips to Disney World in the past 4 years, I have yet to be bored.  There is always something to do.  Early in the morning, before the parks open, the resorts are lovely for a calm and cool walk.  The parks, Disney Springs, the campground, the Boardwalk….there is something going on all every day of the year at Walt Disney World.  And in the evenings, there are just as many choices.

9) The Disney Bubble insulates guests from some real-world aggravation.

Normal life and work are sometimes more than enough reality for me.  Vacation is a time to leave some of those worries behind.  Walt Disney World excels at creating this bubble where you don’t need to worry about driving.  Or cooking.  Or really doing anything other that having fun.  All the resorts use themes to carry over the feeling from the parks of as a place apart from everyday concerns.

8) Peeking behind the curtain at Disney World.

We have barely begun to experience the tours that Disney offers that allow guests to peek behind the curtain to see how things are done backstage. The two we have tried – the Behind the Seeds tour in Epcot and the Segway tour in Fort Wilderness – were a great deal of fun.  I look forward to doing the train tour one day soon!

7) Families can play together at Disney World.

The story goes that Walt Disney originally built Disney Land to create  a place where entire families could play together.  That feeling very much holds today in Disney World, where my husband, child and I enjoy rides, shows, parades and fireworks together.  It is not a place for parents where kids are tolerated.  It is not a place for children where parents are allowed.  It is a place for families to come together to play.

6) The entertainment at Disney World enhances the magic.

Sometimes, there’s nothing like grabbing a seat and watching a show.  Or watching a cast member come out with a puppet to entertain a waiting area of restless children. Or watching a juggler in FantasyLand.  Or listening to the piano player at Casey’s.  It’s not just the rides or characters or intellectual property with the deep ties to childhood memories.  Disney World enchants me with shows and wows me with fireworks.

5) Disney World can be easy.

In other places, I’ve written about the need to research and plan for a trip to Disney World.  And that’s absolutely true, if the goal is to maximize the trip, get specific experiences or stretch a budget as far as it will go.  It is equally true that it is very easy to have a delightful time at Disney World on a whim.   Disney World can be easy.  On recent trips, I’ve all but tossed a coin to decide to which park or resort or area to visit. Even with no plan, it’s easy to spend to have a great time.

4)  The Disney World resorts extend the fun.

I am typing this from the lobby of a Hampton Inn.  It is a nice hotel.  Decent size rooms, good beds, friendly staff, decent location and amenities like complimentary breakfast, indoor pool and a couple of computers with a printer for guest use make it a comfortable place.  Not all of the Disney World resorts we have stayed at have been as comfortable.  Pop Century, for example, is light on luxury touches.  All the Disney resorts have all been fun though!  Even the little things like  pool parties contribute to this celebratory atmosphere.   Just as there is a difference between a hotel and a resort, there is a difference between resorts and Disney resorts.  And it is all about the fun!

3) Welcome home!

I smiled every time a Cast member greets us by saying “welcome home!”  It feels like a second home to me.  While there has been something new to try out on every trip so far, there are also favorites to go back and cherish.  And it is okay to relax.  That feeling is what makes it seem like home to me.  I feel welcomed.

2) The people watching is outstanding.

The magical moments at Disney World are amazing to watch.  I love watching kids come face to face with characters. I love watching the look on faces when first time guests walk down Main Street and see the castle.  Watching families try to decide what to do can also be entertaining.  Trying to guess which guest is actually security in soft clothes is a favorite game.  The people watching is outstanding at Disney World.  Plus, it is easy to strike up a conversation with any other guests. The traditional way to start a conversation with a fellow Disney guests is: “so, is this your first trip?”

1) The Cast Members are amazing.

The thing I love most about Disney World is interacting with Cast Members.  Rare exceptions aside, Cast Members work at Disney World because they love Disney, love people or really enjoy the atmosphere.  This makes the a great deal of fun.   Some of my favorite memories are from Cast Members interacting with my daughter.  The playful conversation, the attention – it is amazing to watch how much fun both she and Cast members have playing.

How about you?  What do you love about Disney World?

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