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Review: Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue


Just across the water from the Magic Kingdom is one of my favorite Disney resorts, Fort Wilderness.  This campground has something for everyone, including those who never intend to tent, RV or cabin camp on its grounds.  One of the most enjoyable offerings of Fort Wilderness is the Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue.

I’ve heard that Hoop-De-Doo is the longest running dinner show in the US.  The premise of the show is that traveling performers are visiting at Pioneer Hall.  There are five to six performers.  They do a mix of jokes, songs and skits.  Many are on stage, but several occur on the floor and involve the audience.  I was not sure if my husband or daughter would enjoy the show.  I need not have worried.  There is a reason it is the longest running dinner show in America!  They laughed and kept their eyes on the show.  Samantha went from lap to lap, trying to decide if her chair, my chair or her father’s chair had the best view.


I was not entirely sure what to expect when we arrived  for the Hoop-De-Doo. We arrived a bit early, with Samantha opting to come as Cinderella instead of a cowgirl.  After standing in line to pick up our paper tickets, our experience started with a family photo.  Perhaps I should have expected that, as the character meals often include photos, but I did not anticipate it.  Nor did I anticipate getting the best photo of the trip while watching Craig and Samantha play chase as I waited in line for our turn at a family photo.  There is plenty of room for the kids to run around and play outside the building.  Plus the ponies are just a very short walk away.  Watching them is a reliable way to entertain my daughter.


Once we were through the doors and to the podium, I handed our tickets to the Cast Member. Then we were escorted up the stairs to our balcony seats.  When we do this dinner again, I want to indulge in one of the more expensive seats.  The balcony was fun but the view of the show looks like it would be better from the center tables close to the stage on the ground floor.  However, I am not sure I will ever convince my husband to try for one of these tables.  He would rather observe the action than participate.  From what we saw, there is a great deal more participation when on the ground floor.


Hoop-De-Dee is one of the set menu dinner options at Disney World.  It also includes a number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options.  Tips are included with the price of the dinner show.  When we went, the menu was salad, cornbread, crispy fried chicken, seasonal vegetables, cowboy beans, smoked barbecued pork ribs, mashed potatoes and strawberry shortcake. Drink options were coke brand fountain drinks, ice tea, apple juice, milk or coffee.  Adult beverage options included with the set cost are chardonnay, merlot, white zinfandel, sangria, and two beer choices.  For a slight upcharge, you could also order bottled water, the ultimate margarita or lemonade punch in a light up cup.


One show per evening is available for the Tables in Wonderland discount.  Occasionally other discounts may be offered for Annual Passholders, Visa holders, etc, but these have not been reliably available.  Still, it’s always worth asking. This is a two-credit meal on the Disney Dining Plan.  While costs vary a bit by season, in general a Category 1 seat is around $70 per adult and $35 per child.  Category 2 is around $60 and $30, while Category 3 is around $58 and $28.  This is the total cost of the meal. It includes the food, the show, the beverages as well as tax and tip.


Here is a video I put together of the highlights of the show.  If this short overview makes you smile, consider making time for a visit to Hoop-De-Doo on your next Disney trip!



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