Disney Character Meets

Chip ‘n’ Dale Campfire Sing-A-Long


I’ve wanted to drop in on the Chip ‘n’ Dale Campfire Sing-A-Long since we started visiting Disney World.  Often described as a hidden gem, this free character meet happens in Fort Wilderness.  When we rented an RV to stay at the campground recently, we set aside a night just for the Sing-A-Long.  It was time very well spent!

The Sing-A-Long happens every night in the outdoor movie theater by the Meadow Trading Post.  It begins with a fire lighting ceremony around 6:30 or 7:30, depending on time of year.  Guests are invited to make s’mores at the campfires.  You can bring your own supplies or purchase from the Chuckwagon, right there at the campfire.  We remembered crackers, chocolate and marshmallows but forgot roasting sticks.  Those were not too bad at less than $1 each for disposable sticks.  Bringing your own will certainly keep the cost down when it comes to food.

After guests have had time to roast and eat their snacks, a singing cowboy comes out on stage.  He tells stories, sings songs and a short time later introduces the stars of the show, Chip and Dale.  These two characters then walk down the middle of the outdoor theater seating area and onto the stage.  The singing cowboy plays with them before sending them out to greet the audience.  Chip came to visit our side and he was a hoot!  He played with my daughter, kissing her hands and making her laugh.  This really is just a quick meet, as the characters do not sign autographs.  It is a lot of fun.

After greeting the guests, Chip and Dale return to the front.  The singing cowboy then invites all guests to come up and dance with Chip and Dale. The audience participants, mainly children with their semi-reluctant parents, come up to dance with the characters.  After a couple of rousing numbers like the Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance, everyone waves goodbye to Chip and Dale.  The singing cowboy finishes with a song or two and invites everyone to stay for the movie under the stars that ends the campfire nightly.

We had a blast with this event.  It is something that we will do on all future Fort Wilderness trips.  And if this looks interesting to you, don’t wait for a stay at the campground to check it out.  The Sing-A-Long is open to all guests.  When we are staying elsewhere, I enjoy taking the boat from the Magic Kingdom to Fort Wilderness.  This boat docks at the marina in Fort Wilderness.  From the marina, walk up to the internal bus stop and take a bus over to the Meadows area.  It is a very short walk from the Meadows bus area to the Sing-A-Long location.

Here are the highlights of one of our trips to the Campfire Sing-A-Long. Here’s hoping we run into you there one day soon!



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